About us

Welcome to the website of 3P Metallkomponenten GmbH.
We provide a wide range of different metal items to our customers.
You will find detailed information in the Products section.

Designed parts and Standards
3P Metallkomponenten GmbH serves you as a supplier for the supply of designed
parts, standardized articles and smaller assemblies. Our target is to deliver an optimal
and effective solution for every mechanical and technical requirement of our customers.

No matter what processing, whether machined, cold-formed, pressed, punched, die-cast,
bent, sintered or coated, we offer you based on many years of experience and through
cooperation with specialized partners best results in attractive conditions.
As a trading company, we are active for you nationwide and on international markets.

Project support 
Furthermore, together with your specialists we support and advise you already
in the project phase and develop efficient and inexpensive solutions.
Especially in the area of fastening technology, you can benefit from our know-how.
If desired, we will advise you in-house and optimize the specific assembly problem.

As 3P Metallkomponenten GmbH we are guided by clear principles.
Generally, we work in a customer-oriented manner and face all tasks in different areas. The work fields of quality assurance, environmental protection,
adherence to deadlines and customer service are especially considered.

We work and deliver
   Precise · On-time · Inexpensive
This is our basic 3P understanding and a permanent target.

As the sales representative of the German 3P METALLKOMPONENTEN GMBH, we can provide a wide range of metal industry products to distributors and industrial users in Hungary and Central Europe.

We sell industrial parts, standardized items and small fittings. Our goal is to provide an optimal and efficient solution to all requirements for technical components.

As a trading company, we operate in national and international markets.

About us